Money Mailer is an integrated marketing company with a vibrant website, dynamic mobile app, text and e-mail capabilities. But, we are best known for our nationally branded, shared-envelope, direct mail program. And, with a 95% open rate, it’s no wonder our envelope gets results.

Money Mailer works directly with local business owners to help them achieve their marketing goals, grow their businesses and connect with new and existing customers in a cost-efficient and extraordinarily effective way. Local campaigns cost as little as 4 cents per household while regional and national campaigns can be as little as 2 cents per household!

Money Mailer’s owners are local and live in the communities they serve and we’re a part of a national network with broad expertise in every industry category. Whether you’re a local restaurant making connections in your neighborhood or a large home-improvement company serving all of Southern California, Money Mailer can develop a campaign that will work for you.